New Ways to Play in the Pool

Going to a swimming pool or beach is awesome because it most certainly involves the following activities:
Bikinis, swimming, diving, peeping under water, relaxing, and drinking.

As we progressed as the ruler of this planet, later inventions would enable all the other fancy sports and enjoyments you can do such as paddle board, surfing, scuba diving, peeping under water, water polo, and sand castling to name a few.

You know how they say the iPhone we use today for flinging Angry Birds across the screen possess more power than the computer that sent man on to the moon! So I think with all these technological advances today, it's about time we invented something bigger, better, and more exciting to do on water instead of water-proof phones for peeking beautiful under water photos.

I present you, the Whale Shoot!

The idea is that an ultra water pump would suck in water and through the super turbine it would then shoot up the swimmer above highhh up into the air for about 5 seconds before they fall to their death back into the water below. Imagine the line-up for this entertainment -- and if you're the one being shot up you can count on it that there will be a whole bunch of eager "whalers" cheering you on!

To further illustrate this idea I've designed the Whale Shoot out already for anyone that wants to build it. The mammoth intake would suck in about 5 gallons of water, and twist it quickly by the super turbine that's powered by the high capacity generator. Before it gets shot out of the Whale Shoot it is condensed and amplified by the out-flux multiplier (a whole bunch of huge magnets repelling energy through one another -- and push out the double-twist liquid push as below:

Brilliant? My Rating: ★★★★★ (HELLS yeah! I bet you're all waiting for this to become a reality now!)


Facebook's Dreadful Designs...

I am prettttty sure 99% of you guys use Facebook here (if you don't, hit that link -- or actually, I think you should see a doctor first) -- anyway, have you ever gotten a notification that a friend has added #s of new photo to a xxxx album? Well I have, and it's a PAIN in the ASS to scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the new photos! But guess what, since we're so bright on this blog I have a perfect solution for this problem -- just sort the images by NEWEST ON TOP first!

While this is not revolutionary or anything but obviously an oversight but the designers that don't use Facebook enough (or have enough friends...), I am calling it out here first (first!).

Mark my words, it will be done within couple months once they realize it -- I mean, they should right? after all, they do this for the Facebook camera mobile app already!

Brilliant? My Rating: ★★★★★ (and a MUST!)

PS. That loooong image on the left took me 11 screenshots to stitch together, talk about labour! Never mind the need to scroll to the bottom of all that to make a comment or even like it!

PPS. Images courtesy of Aron Danburg who has awesome photos on Flickr as well!


Phone to Phone Charger

Alright guys, this is serious. With our smart phones getting thinner and thinner while doing even more than Apollo 13 could ever dreamed of doing -- the battery's not gonna last. Sure there are cases that beef up your battery pack, or even better, you can just bring a separate one! But let's be honest here no guy in their right mind is going to carry another thing in their pocket -- or want to put up with a case so thick it'll look make your iPhone look like it was a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

So I present you with -- and phone to phone charger! HA! Just feed off friends who always has abundant juice on their cellphone because of their case / battery pack / wall charger! Brillliant! With the new 8-pin connector for iPhone being so smart, I am sure they can steal some battery power from your phone and feed it to another, no? Heck, maybe it'll even work with other cellphones so that old old BlackBerry you haven't used forever could finally be put into use again. Bring it along and you'll be saving yourself (yes I know, I said no one would bring an extra battery pack, but you're not! You're bringing an extra cellphone that could give yourself backup juice, or even as a backup phone incase you drop yours into the toilet!).

I name my great invention today: iJuice
It should be sold for $46.99 so it's cheaper than a battery case, but costs more than a chord that does nothing from Apple.

Brilliant? My Rating: ★★★★☆